Review your Website Content Now

Now is a great time to review your website content.

While things are rapidly changing in the world and both the brick’n’mortar and online space are adjusting rapidly to world and local conditions, it is more important than ever to be sure that your website has the right information and content.

First and foremost, be sure that your contact information, hours of business and service levels are prominently displayed on your website.

You may want to move your primary desired method of contact to a place on your website that is easier to see and access by visitors at this time.

Let people know if you have any changes in how you are doing business and if your levels of service have changed or your product offerings have changed.

If your business has been affected negatively by Covid-19, you may at this time need to Pivot your Business and look at ways to do business online. This should be conveyed clearly on your website.

Even if you have not had time to change how your business works, but you are planning too, and working on that plan, let people know that, so they can check back at a later date.

For businesses that are overwhelmed right now due to Covid-19, it is still important to have your website updated. Use your website to manage the high volume of customers you are now dealing with. Again having the right information easily accessible can take the burden off your staff, as many people will check your website before calling or visiting your location.

Another area to look at on your website is the content that you have put up in the past. At this time, with all the worry and fear out there in the world, you do not want content that people may infer in any negative way. Look at the wording of the main website content. Review past blog posts. Take a look at the imagery and videos you use to be sure that nothing will bring negative publicity to you and your business based on the new normal in the world.

More than ever, your website is the face of your business to the world, make it work for YOU!

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Mission, Goals and Key Message

Want some Great Advice?

Especially at this point….

During this crazy time.

Review your Mission Statement, your long term Goals and your Key Messaging to be sure they are congruent and in line with your business activities

It is always a good thing to take a look on a regular basis at these key items. Your Mission Statement, your long term Goals and your Key Messaging are critical parts to your overall marketing strategy. They are what drive the strategy at it’s core.

And we often drift away from them at times, with all the hustle and bustle of daily life and work, with various promotions happening, and all the other things that can distract us.

Now it an especially great time to review these in-depth.

Be sure that they line up with what we truly want and are building in our life and business.

Make adjustments, either to what we have been doing to align with our Mission Statement, Goals and Key Messaging.

Or, make the bigger step to adjust our Mission Statement, Goals and Key Messaging to what we truly desire.

To what we truly want to accomplish and build with our business.

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Website Traffic

Every business wants more traffic to their website.

Especially qualified website traffic, as in traffic that will eventually mean more business.

So how can one get more traffic, thus make better use of your website.

We hear so much these days about social media… Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Is there value in these? And will they bring you more traffic to your website?

There is a point to using these social media sites, but…..

I would not fully rely on them for traffic.  You still need a website, a good informative website that is your main hub online.

As I have always said, your website is your centre for all your marketing, online and offline.

I am getting away from my theme – Website Traffic.

So yes, social media can bring you traffic.

But even more important is having a well planned website that functions at a high level and provides your visitors (aka clients and customers) what they need.

Often that is the simple things, like your location, your products and service, and how to get in contact with you.  These are vital and need to be easily accessed on your website.

What else matters….to get more website traffic?

Search?  Google??

You bet… Search Engine Optimization is a huge factor for ongoing website traffic.

SEO is a long term sustainable tool to bring the right traffic, high quality traffic to your website, and thus increase your business.

You need to be aware of many factors when dealing with SEO.

Of course, having good quality CONTENT is the main thing.

But you also have to have your website set up properly, use the right on-site tactics, have a fast loading website, have few if no errors in your site (including bad links, bad code, etc.) and have links to your website.

But, in the long run, Search Engine Optimization is definitely one of the best strategies to a high performing website and marketing tool.

It will bring you consistent Website Traffic!

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Work Work Work

Work Work Work….


Last night…..

Flew back from Mexico last night…..

It was so good to get away to a warmer climate, although I still love the mountains and the snow.

A week of all inclusive fun…. more fun than I really should have… hahahaha

I do have a sun burn!

Puerto Vallarta has so much to offer, it is an old place, still very authentic.

Some of the best parts was interacting with the locals and seeing the local culture.

And the food… was so good.

Of course the amazing ocean sunsets!!!!

Swimming in the ocean was amazing, as was the all inclusive pools… oh yes… and the RUM!!!

but now…

It is time to get back to work

Work Work Work.

Lots happening…. so much going to be launching this month and next.!

If you are ready to start blowing up your sales and revenue… it is time…

Contact me now.. before I get too busy..

Work …. Work ….  Work…

Maybe I am already too busy…

Social Media plans…. we do it for you… Coming NOW!

SEO PLANS – we do it for you… Coming NOW!

Training.. if you are doing it yourself… Coming NOW!!!

Work Work Work……

And …..


Stay Tuned!!



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One of those Techy Days again

It was one of those Techy Days again….

Not in a good way.

I have been cleaning up some of the back-end stuff in my business, and one of those things was consolidating some websites on the same hosting server to make it easier to manage and better service.

So I moved a domain that I use primarily for emails.

I have a few of the emails set up up to be also used in my Gmail application.

And that is where things went sideways.

It started yesterday when I knew the old settings in Gmail would no longer work, since I moved the domain, there would be new server settings.

I tried to simply edit the settings in Gmail, but it would not change.

So I deleted the old one in Gmail, thinking I could then enter it new.

Well, that didn’t work.

I decided maybe the domain had not thoroughly propogated across the web, so I would try again in the morning.

This morning…. well nothing worked.

Checked all the Google help files, Googled and read a dozen other ‘fixes’ to no avail.

Checked with my WHM tech support, everything was fine on their end.

So it is some glitch in my Gmail on the PC.

I did end up adding it via mobile Gmail app, in another way.

It will work… but now have to get used to a bit different way of doing things.

Or try again in a few days….

Life of dealing with tech….. 🙁

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