Purple Cows

Seth Godin has many interesting ideas.  I have read a couple of his books and read his blog on and off.  He has a way to make you think.

His Purple Cows idea is one – all about being remarkable.  Stand out. Do something different – make it good – but different.

You need to get noticed to make it in this world – at least to make it big.

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  • @drmani I agree – the purple thing – you must be remarkable to make it in business #

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Seth made a very interesting post a few days ago – got me thinking how everybody focuses on the bad – on the negative.  Instead one should look for the opportunity.

Read what Seth said – then stay tuned for more.

In Marketing – Everything MATTERS!

Everything about your business matters.  The first impression that a customer gets when he first sees the building as he parks his car will matter.  And again the first impression as he walks in the door, and meets you or your employees.

The logo that signifies your business matters, as does the signage inside and out.  The product displays and advertising about your business has a huge impact on your customer.

The business cleanliness, the paint job, the type of building all matter.  The quality of your product is very important and definitely matters.  As does the quantity of your product the customer receives.

The location of your business  – which part of town it is in.  Also the location on the street, whether your customer had to cross traffic to enter your parking lot.  Also did he have room to park his car – even that matters.

And back to you and your employees.  What they say to your customer is of the utmost importance.  Did they greet him warmly?  Did you speak with knowledge and sincerity.  Was there rapport built and did the conversation flow freely.  This all matters.  In Marketing – everything MATTERS!

What is Marketing?

Marketing is one of the most undefined concepts in business.  As well it is underutilized, but has the ability to make astounding improvements to your bottom line.

Does marketing mean selling?  When I ask business owners this is the most common answer. They feel that when it comes to selling their product, ways to increase sale – that this is marketing.  And they are right; not totally right – but partially correct.

Is advertising equal to marketing?  Many consumers believe this to be true.  They think the ads they see on the billboards and on TV are marketing.  And again, they are partially correct – but that does not take in the total picture.

Marketing defined is; “Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders” – American Marketing Association.

I have devised a simpler marketing definition “Marketing is EVERYTHING related to (that affects) the sale and transfer of your product to your client!” Remember the customer experience is EVERYTHING!  And the customer experience will always be UNIQUE!

IF the banks started all this . . then .

Ok, I have been thinking.

If all this market and economic problems started with the banks overextending themselves.  Making to many high risk loans.  To many low interest deals.  Not taking enough ‘real’ collateral.  Running the real estate market up to new heights.

So now they all know they are in trouble.  Not only in the USA, but worldwide.

And they are now hesitant to loan money – since they know they did wrong.  They know it was the wrong thing to do to make all those loans with not enough solid financial backing.

My thoughts then – and I am just wondering here – if the governments in their wisdom (remember these politicians are not financial gurus, they are not economists), are now planning on throwing money like crazy at the banks to allow them to open up the purse strings.

Well – will this not simply make the problems worse.

Banks lent too much under the wrong conditions.

Banks realize their mistake – take corrective action by tightening up lending (seems like a smart thing to do)

Politicians see this and say; “oh oh – I will not get elected if people cannot spend money they do not have.”

Politicians reach into their magic bag of money (called a deficit) and give banks lotsa money.

Bankers smile gleefully and say; “gravy train just came in to town – let’s load up.”

Bankers then let the public borrow more money (stupidly), know that the crisis is only being put off for a short time, but the bankers do not care – they got the government money, and they get to keep charging interest – so they win in the end.

I don’t know – am I not seeing something here?  Maybe I don’t know Keynesian economics very well.  I should have stayed awake in class (like those politicians did) and learned more . . .

Recession Proof your Business

What will happen?

World markets are in rough shape.  Banks are spiralling out of control – no faith in lending.

Governments to the rescue – will that help.

Your Business!

What to do to make it survive?

First thing – focus on your existing customers.  Treat them like gold.

You will not keep them all in a recession, but keep as many as you can.  Give them no reason to leave.  Give as much value as you can.  Meet their needs and wants.  And communicate – customers love to be talked too!