Set up your Website

If your a small business owner and you have not got around to setting up a website – now is the time.  It has never been easier to get your business online – and the returns are simply amazing.

But . . .

Your website can be a marketing paradise . ..

or a marketing sinkhole!!

So do things right.  Don’t spend time and money that you don’t have too.

I fully recommend using WordPress to set up your website.  I just finished teaching a class on how to do it and in a couple hours they had up a professional and good looking website.  Something they could manage their own content, and communicate to their customers with.

First Step – go to and register your domain.

Second Step – go to and order your hosting account.

Third Step – install WordPress, adjust your settings, choose a theme, and start adding content. (if you need advice, I will be putting on a webinar on how to do this.)

Onward and Upward >> Jack

Get involved in the online conversation through forums

Online Forums – Get Involved – Get Active

One of the greatest sourced of information are online forums. There are many on the net. Almost every guru on the net has his or her own forum. There are some big forums geared at web development, seo, and just about anything else to deal with running a business on the net.

I am active in quite a few of these forums. 
Alice Seba’s Internet Based Mom’s forum
 is one of the main ones that I check in regularly, as I am a moderator on that forum. I also regularly check in on the Warrior forum, TurboCommunity, Internet Buzz, Adsense and Rich Jerk among others. Many others I pop in at occasionally to check what the latest info is and make a few replies, maybe start my own threads if there is something that I am working on and need some info.

This does a couple things. First of all it keeps me abreast of the latest in the industry. It keeps me in touch with new concerns and happenings. It also gets my name out in the Industry and provides back links to my various sites (I change up the signature on various forums, but ALWAYS have a signature in my posts).

But what it also does is make me part of a community. It gets me involved. It is in a way volunteerism. I take the time to answer posts when I have what I think is valuable info. I help out people by giving critiques of their sites. I do this because others have done the same for me at one time or another, and I will need it again.

Without people taking an active part in online forums they will die. If you look at any thread you see 2 things, views and replies. Yes if you start a thread you want people to view it, but the most important thing is replies. Without replies, your thread will soon fall off the first page and move into oblivion (we all know 95% of forum viewers only view the first page). Replies are the life blood of forums.

So my call to action is get involved, get active in those online forums. Do it for your own good, to get the advantages I listed above. But do it also to keep the forums alive and vibrant. I want your opinion, I want your experience, I want your point of view – I value it, and cherish it!

A Big THANKS for your next forum post.

Stop Whining!!

Here is an excellent post from Seth Godin –

Two problems with whining

The first is that it doesn’t work. You can whine about the government or your friends or your job or your family, but nothing will happen except that you’ll waste time.

Worse… far worse… is that whining is a reverse placebo. When you get good at whining, you start noticing evidence that makes your whining more true. So you amplify that and immerse yourself in it, thus creating more evidence, more stuff worth complaining about.

If you spent the same time prattling on about how optimistic you are, you’d have to work hard to make that true…

Seth Godin