Facebook Fan Pages

Do you have a Facebook Fan Page for you business?  If not – Why Not?

Facebook is where your customers are (for many businesses) so why not get this FREE real estate.  Yes it is not real estate in the traditional sense, but it is valuable online real estate.

It is not hard to grab your page and set it up – here are a few tips once you do:

  • Tell your existing customers about your fan page and start interacting with them.
  • Tell your friends about your page – great source of referrals.
  • Once you have 25 friends – you can lock in your user name which gives you a readily url – www.facebook.com/yourbizname.
  • Set up a customized page – and now with the iframes option you can add anything that can go on a website on to your facebook fan page.
  • Send new visitors to your customized page rather than the wall (and definitely not to the info page).
  • Tell your fan page visitors to ‘like’ your page – build it into the custom page and the picture on the left.
  • Like other complementary business fan pages and interact on their page – social media is about being social – right?
  • Ask questions and be interesting on your fan page wall – try to engage your fans – it is not all about promoting.
  • Link to your website and your blog from your fan page.
  • Tell your fans who is talking – have information about any of the admins in the info page and also in the discussion page.

And remember to have fun – make it fun for your fans – post interesting pictures and videos, use humour, keep current with the latest events.

Track your Marketing

I was presenting on E-marketing and social media the other day and a business owner in the audience asked whether using the yellow pages – the online version – is worth the money they charge.  I don’t really know what they are charging for what service these days, but I know when I had a business office in Calgary their rates were pretty high.  I used their basic service (free listing) as well as added on a live link to my site.  I did not get much results.

Back to the question at hand.

I explained that if he is not doing the basic SEO on his website that should be first.  Well even before that he should have an objective for his website and design his E-marketing campaign around that objective.  Then he should choose keywords and properly use on-page SEO to optimize for those keywords.  At the same time he should actively promote his website offline.

(was just in a business the other day where I asked for the website and they had to ask three people to even know what the domain was – and one who did not know was the owner – and this business was targeted at young people!!)

Again back the the question – in my opinion is using the yellow pages online listing worthwhile.  Well personally I do not know.  Really the only way to truly know if any marketing strategy is worth the money is to test it.  And the good thing about using online marketing for your business is that you can test and track everything.

“Half my advertising budget is wasted – I just don’t know which half.” – Old Advertising Proverb

There are many ways to track your marketing online, but one of the best tools is using Google Analytics.  This is FREE – yes I did use the F word.  Google was nice enough to offer this to anyone who wants to use it and I would suggest you sign up and set it up to track everything that is happening on your website.

Social Media and Blogs

Why use Social Media?

  • Marketing is changing
  • CHEAP – Great ROI – Zero Cash
  • Exponential Growth
  • Self-Replicating
  • Relationship Based
  • Fun
  • Inclusive

So I should do more – I know it.

And it starts with this Blog.

When I think of blogs – I think of a conversation. As I read someone’s blog I picture them talking to me. So when you write – consider yourself talking to a person. Kind of like talking to a neighbor – like Wilson talking to Tim the Toolman.

Here are some Business Blogging tips.

First – Post Consistently. It does not have to be every day, but try not to have large gaps between posts.

Next – Make it interesting – finds something relavent to your target audience.

Stay on topic most of the time. Approximately 80% of your content should be about your product or services.

Be personal – talk about your life, your work, what good things happen to you related to work, fun client meetings, successful projects, large sales – really all that water cooler talk about business (and some non-business too).

Remember – the posts do not have to be long – you do not have to write an essay each time. One of the most popular blogs – Seth Godin – has very short posts – often a paragraph.

Sync or Swim

Though I would share with you a few cool tools that I use to sync information between different locations. Some if it on a daily basis – other stuff only now and then.

First – and I am really enjoying this – is the ability to sync my calendar anywhere, anytime, on any computer or other tool I use (for me – my Iphone).

This even works if you hare in a corporate setting where you have a Microsoft mail exchange server – it will sync that too.

The core of it all is Google – when you sign up for a Gmail account you also have access to their online calendar. They then offer a great little download called Google Calendar Sync. Simply download and install on your home computer and your work computer and it will sync your Outlook calendar to your Gmail calendar. It does it automatically on a schedule you can set yourself.

Then to get your Iphone in on it, simply go to your Calendar setting and choose Google Calendar as your online tool of choice.

Of course you have to enter account names and passwords for every step of the way, but that is the norm.

After it is all set up, you never should miss a meeting.

Another sync type tool that I just LOVE is FoxMarks. This syncs all my bookmarks between various computers. That means all my bookmarks on my home computer are the same as my laptop and the same as my computer at work. Again simple as set up an account and start syncing – all automatic.

Finally there is GoodSync. This is a program that will sync any two folders and update all the changed files, deleted files, new files to the most recent copy. It works great between my laptop and my home computer. But I also use it on an 8 GB memory stick for important work that I need at home and the office. Super simple to use – simply choose the two folders – click analyze – check if everything looks good (I have never seen it get the wrong files copied) and then press sync. Within seconds you have everything to the latest files.