Facebook Custom url for personal profile

I spent quite a bit of time this weekend going over how to use Facebook for business.  I will be posting more on that in the coming days.

Using social media for business is somewhat an art, but also a lot of science – especially the trial and error testing aspect of science.  Unfortunately you cannot do strict scientific experiments since there is no way to only change on variable at a time.  You are constantly working in a fluid environment (as with all marketing).

Today I wanted to give you a bit of advice – a video that shows how to create a custom url – nice and clean – for your personal Facebook profile.

Like mine – www.facebook.com/zenert

Warrior Forum

If you marketing information products online you have probably heard about the Warrior Forum.  This forum was started many years ago by Allan Says.  It has evolved over time to keep up with the culture of the internet marketing business.

At one time it was a place where spammers shared their best secrets – of course at that time – early in the beginning of the internet – spamming was not a bad thing.  It was simply how people made money online (late 1990’s).

The Warrior Forum evolved into a discussion of advanced marketing secrets and advice.  When I joined the Warrior Forum it was not being openly shared with the general public.  It was by referral invitation only.  There was a large number of heavy hitters in the internet marketing game posting at that time so the quality of posts was simply amazing.  Some great discussions that at times were quite conflicting in their ideals.

The Warrior Forum has now grown to be one of the biggests and most active forums on the internet.  It is widely known for the quality of information along with the ability to sell your goods.  They have a section called Warrior Special Offers where you can list information products that you have created personally and sell them (check out my latest WSO right now – Facebook How To Guide).

The Warrior Forum has also added many other sections based on topics of interest – such as SEO, Adsense, Offline Marketing and more.

It is well worth checking out.

More Social Media Stuff

I have been working with a few clients on using social media to market their business.  I find that clients want immediate results and with social media it takes time to build up a following.  It is also a different approach. Business owners often want to send out very sales related messages, but you have to use a softer, more engaging style of copywriting to make it work in social media.

This morning I set up a new custom tab on a client’s fan page this morning – check it out – Pearson’s Berry Farm – Facebook.

While I was working on Facebook fan pages and apps I added a new graphic on the ZedBiz – Marketing Solution Specialist Facebook Fan page.

I have heard a number of people commenting and talking about Tumblr – so to keep up with the latest marketing – I decided to check it out.  Still have not got the complete feel of what is so special about Tumblr – but I did get my Tumblr blog area set up – check out http://zedbiz.tumblr.com/.

Next is to do some customizations to my own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.  I have a custom install of vTiger on my hosting server.  The latest versions of vTiger are getting very feature rich, although they still need to integrate with social media better – but I hear that it is coming.  I want to set up more CRM systems for clients so I am working on systematizing the process and giving them the absolute BEST customized CRM system for their needs.

Blogging for building your Social Persona

How often do you post on your blog?  Or do you even have a blog?

With the rise in other social media (including the Search Engine relevance of social media) is a blog even necessary? Is it an effective tool to build your Social Persona online?

Personally I feel I do not post enough.  I have went through many ‘dry spells’ in the last 2-3 years where I have not posted for over a month (or longer).  Well I admit that I have an excuse – I was working on my Masters (MBA).  But excuses do not make goals become reality.

I just read an excellent article on using a blog to get a job.  While not all of us want jobs, we all want business – so I relate getting a job to building your Social Persona which will allow you to acquire more business.  It was by Jennifer Gresham and posted on ResumeBear.  It talked about the fact that to build your social persona in your industry – you must get exposure.  Yes it is possible to get it the tried and true way through long hours and hard work (which I am not discounting in any way).  But another technique is through blogging – BUT not your own blog (although that can help) – but other people’s blogs.  Jennifer suggest that you write high quality articles related to significant ideas in your industry, do the research and find influential people that have blogs, and offer to be a guest blogger.  I think this is an EXCELLENT idea. What a way to sky rocket your Social Persona to the moon (or even to Mars.

Check out the article here – End the Agony – Let Job Offers come to You

Creating QR Codes from link shortening services

Came across some interesting tips about creating QR codes today.

You can easily create a QR code and track the link that is connected to the QR code using either goo.gl or bit.ly services.

The goo.gl one is the simplest – just go to www.goo.gl and enter the link that you want to create a QR code for.  Now take the newly created goo.gl link and paste it into your address bar followed by ‘.qr’.  Boom – a QR code is created and displayed.  You can right-click and save it for future use, or copy and paste where needed.

If you prefer to use www.bit.ly – then create a link in bit.ly.  Next click on the info page for that link that you created (you do not have to sign in – it is optional).  On the information page, your QR code will be displayed along with a link that will allow you to insert that QR code in any site.  (just like the example to the left.

Happy QRing . ..  🙂