High Impact Conversatons on Social Media

Last post I stressed the importance of making deeper connections when using social media.  You want it to be a personal experience where you build caring relationships.

But you also want social media to go beyond just ‘friendship’.

The way to do that is through using high impact questions and follow up replies.  This will build a high impact conversation that will attract other similar minded individuals who can and will be excellent potential clients.

High impact questions are questions that go beyond the weather, sports, or the latest celebrity embarrassment (we all remember Shania at the Country Music Awards).

Ask people questions that will either dig into their needs in relation to your business offerings, or will highlight your knowledge in your chosen field.  Or – for super high impact questions – ask prospects or clients about their specialization – that will allow them the spotlight in the conversation.

Follow up with the answer with more quality information related to the topic at hand.  Often others will step in with comments or auxiliary questions that will keep the conversation rolling.

This is similar to the conversation at any get together – the light chit chat is nice and serves to pass the time.  But the conversations that gather people around, the really make the event are the deeper ones – that relate to true interests and passions.

Here is an example of a great high impact conversation taking place on Facebook


Social Media in Business

How are you using social media in your business?

Interesting question!

Many would enthusiastically state they are fully using Social Media – proudly showing off there Facebook Fan Page, their huge Twitter followers list and their LinkedIn account. All of these – to the ‘seasoned’ social marketing enthusiast would have custom designed backgrounds, custom fan pages, and would look awesome.

My next question would be – name 10 people – on each medium – and tell me about them – and they can’t be existing family and friends you knew before you started using Social Media for your business.

I believe very few would pass this test of using Social Media for their business.

And if you cannot name 10 people – at the very least – then really all you are doing is Advertising. You have just traded up the Yellow Pages for LinkedIn. Moved from a radio spot to a Facebook Fan Page. And in many cases – you may be spending less money – but actually getting far less ROI (Return on Investment).

So I challenge you to make a deeper connection with the people in your Social Media circle.  Get to know them.  It can start with checking out their profiles, their fan pages (so very few ever even do this).  Don’t be scared of ‘creepin’ your prospects wall and photo – get to know them personally.  Then the next step is to use the tools of social media in a more personal way.  Comment on that funny picture.  Say hi for no reason other than checking how they are doing.  Write them a message asking about how there business is doing, or about interesting aspects of their business.  BUILD relationships!

Isn’t that what Social Media is really all about . . . ?