Building your Personal Online Brand

Your online personal brand is increasing daily in value.  Sites like Klout attempt to measure that brand,  Whether they do a good job or not is yet to be decided.

If you plan to expand your influence a strong brand online is necessary.  Here are the tools you need to create and build your online personal brand.

Facebook – yes Facebook can be powerful for brand building.  It is the number one social media site, therefore if you want to reach a hungry crowd – that crowd will be on Facebook somewhere.

LinkedIn – although not as big as Facebook in shear numbers – the business aspect of LinkedIn makes it one of the top tools for building your personal online brand.

YouTube – I believe that creating a channel on YouTube and adding videos regularly to that channel should be your number three strategy.  Primarily as videos are now ranking very well in regular Google searches.

Twitter – although I am on Twitter, I am not a Twitter expert. I still believe that it is a piece of your personal online brand that you need to have in place.

Blog – Yes you need a personal blog.  You don’t need to write 3 page essays – simple short paragraph or two posts on a regular basis will help your personal online brand immensely.

Other tools that are very helpful in this process include Klout, Namecheck, Squarespace, HootSuite, Rapportive and tumblr.

Good News from a Tire Company

I was pleasantly surprised today!

I received two cheques in the mail – for $50 each.

I was only half expecting to receive these cheques – and now that I did it is time to honor the business that sent them.

You see I have a car – and that car needs tires every once in a while.  So before X-mas I purchased a set of tires for my car from the local tire dealer – OK Tire in Innisfail.

They had Toyo Tires on for a good price and along with the good price, you could send in the sales information to get a $50 rebate for each 2 tires purchased.

OK Tire staff gave me the forms and even printed off extra copies of the tire receipts so that I could send it in.

Well when I got home – those forms sat around, and sat around, until I got around to thinking about submitting them.

And when I did I noticed that I was a few days past the deadline (I think it was 4 days past the date).

Well I sent them in anyway – hoping for the best, but expecting a ‘Sorry you were too late’ letter.

But today I opened up two envelopes with $50 in each and a nice letter from Toyo Tires.

So HAT’S OFF to Toyo Tire for doing the right thing – even when their customers don’t!!

Press Release Tips

Put out a press release for a client today.  Press releases are an excellent and quick tool to get the word out about your business.

They also provide excellent links back to your website when they get distributed around the web.

Here are a few tips to help you out.

  1. Follow the normal press release template.  Reporters and editors don’t like to be surprised.
  2. Make sure your press release is about NEWS – not just promoting your business. You can be creative, but it still has to be something new.
  3. Identify the source of the information at the beginning of the press release.
  4. Write professionally and get to the point.
  5. Don’t dramatize or be over zealous in your description of your business, products or services.
  6. Proofread very carefully your press release.  Any spelling mistakes and bad grammar will reflect negatively on the news you are trying to get out.
  7. Stick to the facts for the majority of your press release, with the exception being a quality quote from a customer, service provider or expert on their opinion on the news.