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Love / Hate relationship with Technology

It started back in high school I believe – the first time I was creating some program in Computer Science 10 class. ¬†Using good old Basic programming language. ¬†Some bug in the code was driving me absolutely nuts – and … Continue reading

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Couple Social Media Concepts

Two quick ideas related to Social Media that I want to talk about today. First is the concept of ‘Likes’ – in particular Facebook Page Likes. You see all the advertisements to get more likes, get 10,000 likes, how I … Continue reading

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Basics of Marketing

Many people I talk to struggle with the concept of marketing. They understand many of the different strategies included within marketing – such as advertising, creating a website, building customer relationships, but they don’t know how this all intertwines into … Continue reading

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Calamities of Harvest

As with every operation, nothing goes completely right. We had our share of breakdowns this harvest. We started out with two combines running and a third one getting ready. A little background – we run older machinery and I spend … Continue reading

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Strategy vs. Tactic

When communicating – it is important that some of the simple words and concepts be understood by all parties. One area that I strive to get my clients or students to understand is the difference between a strategy vs. a … Continue reading

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