Scheduling Your Tweets

I tried two new services today – Twuffer and FutureTweets.

They are both very similar types of services.  You enter a tweet, then you state the date and time you want it to actually be posted on Twitter.  When the time comes – that tweet gets posted to your Twitter feed.

I actually like both of these a bit more than – which I had previously been using – as these services allow me to set the exact time.  Timely fed out my tweets throughout the day based on how many tweets/day I wanted (I think I could go in and manually edit the time, but that was an extra step).

I found Twuffer to be more intuitive of these two services – mainly because setting the time and date was point and click – rather than having to click on the date / time box and physically back space or delete the current date and time and enter a new one.

One tested strategy is that grouping tweets in threes is more effective than single tweets – and with Twuffer -this could easily be accomplished. I could put three tweets all at the exact same time, or spread them out 5 minutes apart.  I think that is something I will test – to see the most effective timing method.

I look forward to testing engagement of my followers at different times of day and days of week as I actively tweet more often.

Will keep you updated on any results I get.

Marketing Defined

What is Marketing? How is it different than promotions, advertising and all this new social marketing discussion?

Marketing is a core business function that deals with how you are going to deliver value to your customers.  Marketing takes into account your customers needs and wants, it deals with the organizations communication strategy and it also has an internal communication component.

Marketing is all-inclusive as it contains the 4 P’s – one of which is Promotions. When defining the 4 P’s of marketing – Promotions is defined as any way in which an organization spreads the message about their company and their products or services.

Promotions (again one of the 4 P’s of Marketing) includes many elements of marketing – one of which is Advertising – paid communications.  Another of which is ‘Sales Promotions’ – events, activities, contests, etc. (kind of a catch-all for all the secondary marketing activities that companies do).

To conclude – a definition of Marketing I have used is ‘Marketing is EVERYTHING related to (that affects) the sale and transfer of your product to your client’.

You must also remember that the Customer Experience is EVERYTHING! retiring

I was just at a site I use for scheduling tweets on Twitter. – is a free service that allows you to enter your tweets in advance and it then puts them out on your Twitter timeline over the coming days.  A simple and effective service to stay in contact with your Twitter followers.

Unfortunately Timely has decided to quit offering their service.  It is unfortunate as it was a good service.

A few options for replacing

  •  Hootsuite a very comprehensive tool that allows you to monitor and post on a number of social networks.
  • Buffer is a very user friendly application – I love the chrome app to add tweets to both Twitter and Facebook.
  • Gremlin looks very interesting – it does Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (bonus).  It has analytics.  Has a free options– but with ads. But the first paid version is only $6/month for 10 profiles.
  • FutureTweets – this is free and looks similar to Timely.
  • Twuffer – don’t know as much about this one.

I will have to test out a few of these services.  As I find out more – will let you know.