Follow your Facebook Insights

Knowing when, what and how much to post on your Facebook page has always been one of the most complicated concepts for business to understand. They really need to understand their target market and know what they like and don’t like.

Well Facebook actually makes it easy for you.

I relate it to a video game being played in slow motion.

Simply follow the Insights Graph – and keep the line moving up as much as possible.

When a certain type of post makes the line move up significantly – do more of that.

If a post makes it move down – don’t do that.

If you stop posting, or do not post enough and the line starts dropping – increase posting. or if you are posting too much and the line starts dropping – post a bit less.

Best Practice for personal and business posting on Facebook

Here is a tip for you when managing and posting the same content to both your personal profile and your Facebook fan page.

First go to your Fan page and post the content at that location.

Next go to your own wall and you will see your Fan Page post. – Now SHARE this post personally.

In this way it will do a couple positive things.

First – your personal friends who have not seen or liked your Fan page will see you have a fan page and access it if they like by clicking on the information you just shared.

Second – it will stop the duplicate posts in the wall of people who are both your friends and have liked your fan page.