Where is Marketing Going?

What is the future of marketing?

I hear from both my boys – they do NOT like traditional marketing.

Overt Product claims, Aggressive tactics, silly stunts – these things do not get their attention – or if they do – it turns them off.

Yet they both are affected by trends, by branding, by what is current.

So what is getting through – and how is it getting through.

Bret Smith has an interesting take on the future of marketing;

“The future of marketing, is NOT marketing. That is, traditional “marketing”, roughly defined as “creating demand and getting people to buy your stuff”, is not the future, but the past. In the future, Marketing will be based on one thing, and one thing alone: The Golden Rule.”

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Content Marketing is the heart of online success

The internet was created as a form of communication.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that the content on the internet is the most important thing about the internet.

If people want to know it – they will read it, view it, watch it and ultimately share it.

So if you want to use the internet as part of your overall marketing strategy – you better create great content.

The anatomy of content marketing - the heart of online success