Target Market – Do I need one?

Your target customer is that person that matches these two criteria.

They are most likely to buy from you, not only once, but over and over again.

They will get the most value from what you offer. Not only from the actual product, but also from everything extra that you give your customers.

You cannot afford to target everyone with your marketing.

It will be ineffective. It will be expensive. It simply will NOT WORK!

By having a clearly defined target market, it is much easier to create effective marketing strategies that are a long term investment.

Knowing your target market will also help you to offer a higher amount of value to those customers.

You will know exactly what they want and how they want it.

Another reason why you should intimately know your target market is that it will allow you to communicate much more clearly with those customers.

Less misunderstandings, few complaints, more happy customers!!

The more you can know about your perfect customers, the more you integrate your business into that community of people, the better your business will do, and the more they will love you!

Yes, ever business needs a clearly defined Target Market.

Key Factors for your WordPress Website

If you read my last post, I outlined many reasons why WordPress is the best solution for your business website.

Now that you are ready to move forward, I want to touch on a few more key things to think about.

Besides the design or look of your website, there is also a number of key behind the scenes factors to consider.

One big factor is the content of your website. Words do matter. Having good copy is vital to your website actually doing its job of promoting your business.

You also need to be concerned about how the search engines will view your site. Google and other search engines crawl through the content of your website so that they know how to rank it in their search engines. There is a whole process called SEO (Search Engine optimization) that is vital to the success of your website in marketing your business.

Google provides a webmaster service that can help you indentify and fix any issues with your website that may affect people from viewing it, or from it showing up in the search engines. Bing also has this type of service as well.

Another key part of your website is tracking the visitors that arrive and view your site. The best tool for that is Google Analytics, another free service that you can connect to your website.

You also should need to set up a way to handle Spam if you are recieving comments. And you should have some type of backup system in place. You may also want to run your site on a secure server to increase the trust factor for your visitors.

Social media is now a central part of how people use the internet. So integrating your site with your various business social media accounts is critical to successful marketing of your business.

There really is much more to a well planned business website than simply just making it look good. Doing things right will certainly pay off in the long run for your business.

Marketing – Who has the Time

Marketing Specialist
Marketing Guru
Marketing Expert
Business Consultant
Business owner
Sales Trainer
Marketing Professor
Digital Expert
Web Designer
VP Marketing
Marketing Idealist
Business Advisor

I’ve had many titles over the years. More experience than most. More education and training than a lot of business owners.
But yet, I still have to learn every day, and I get overwhelmed.

Just this morning I was reviewing a nice concise download called Ultimate Marketing Toolkit. As a marketing professional I thought it was a good resource.

ultimate-marketing-toolkitOne section was the Definitive Marketing Checklist which had 5 different parts. Each of those parts had from 4 to 20 points in it. That was over 50 concepts, ideas, tactics and more that a business owner should focus on……

It then went in to 25 easy low cost marketing ideas.

Do you have time for for reviewing all that?

When you are involved every day running your business, monitoring, doing the hard work each and every day.

Do you have time to go over marketing checklists and decide on which low cost marketing idea to implement.

Let alone then actually DO SOME MARKETING!!!

Take a look at the picture of various marketing

These are a some of the basic marketing textbooks I used when I was teaching marketing at college. There each are a few hundred pages in each of theories and ideas.

And none of these books will tell you which strategy to use for your business, or how to implement that strategy.

So what do you do?

Would you not like to have Marketing with Ease…….

Let’s take the stress away.

Allow me to assist you with your marketing.

Worry Free, I will be there to guide you.

Key Marketing Info

I talk to so many people struggling with getting new clients, selling more product, increasing sales.

One thing that I see time and again is not having the key marketing information easily accessible to potential clients.

Too often a business owner will not look at their own marketing items critically enough, through the lens of the customer.

So here is a few areas you should check in your own business.

Contact information – What is the best way for people to get in touch. Email? Phone? Contact Form online? Whichever way is best, make sure it can be accessed directly. A clear link to your contact information is vital.

I even recommend putting your contact information on every webpage, and anywhere else a potential client may be looking at. This also includes all your social media properties and all your other marketing items (flyers, poster, brochures, advertisements, etc.)marketing001

Product information – What are you actually selling? Does your prospect know and understand what they are buying. Is that information clearly available to them? Is it easy to access? I have found many business people do not review this information enough to refine the message so that it is easy to understand. Customers need to know exactly what they are getting.

Sales Process – Can your customers easily buy what you are selling? What is your offer??? Do they even know how to purchase? Have you lowered the risk of purchase (Guarantee, low-entry product, reviews, etc.)

Personalized Message – If you are a small business owner or solo-entrepreneur, who are you? What is special about you and your business? How can you connect in a personalized way with your customer. Let them get close to you through telling them about yourself, your values, your story, whatever makes you unique.

Check out your own website and other marketing items. Look at them through the eyes of your customer. Do they measure up?

Where to Start with your Marketing?

Endless amount of ideas.

Everyone has an opinion about what is the best way.

We all grew up and continue to be inundated with various forms of marketing, from TV ads and websites to pop-up banners and telemarketers.

Everyone loves and hate-marketinghates marketing!!

You though… you need more clients, more people in your business, more sales.

You accept the fact that you need to do some kind of marketing.

You have a logo, a business card, maybe a decent website.

Those are simply marketing items. They may help occasionally to get a new client to know about your business. But they are not a real marketing strategy or plan.

So where do you start?marketing-basics

Here are my top 5 things you need to do:

  • Start with creating your Marketing Strategy.
    • Clearly determine your target market
    • Define your Unique Selling Factors
    • Define your key marketing message
  • Choose 2-3 easy marketing tactics
  • Tie all three marketing tactics together into one holistic marketing plan
  • Implement over and over and over

Once you have done that…. Just get better at it!