They have come to be almost wishes…
And so connected to the end result.

Results we cannot always control.
But actions, to some extent, we can control.

I have been thinking about goals lately, and relating them back to farming.
And this year is a particularly good one to discuss (As we will see down further).

Goals 2020As a farmer our goals were pretty simple on a year by year basis.
Get the crop in the ground in spring.
Take care of it (aka Spraying mainly) during the summer.
And harvest the crop in fall.

Simple yes, but within those goals was a lot of moving parts and timelines and tons of WORK!

And yes, we needed to do things right, we had targets for what we wanted to grow, but we also had severe limitations on the end result.

As a farmer, we KNEW the weather controlled the results.

Not only the yield, but the timing, the quality, and also the amount of work to do.
Worse weather conditions always meant more work and harder work.

And this last fall, many farmers, including myself, did not get the harvest finished.
This is my first year ever to not complete harvest.

Do I feel I failed at my goal…. NO….
As I did all the actions necessary.
The uncontrolled part – the weather – caused the crop to not be harvested.

This does now change the goal – to harvesting, or at least removing the crop so that next year a new cycle can begin.

And how that will play out is unknown at this point, depending on the weather over the winter.

So back to Goals…. Did I accomplish my goal.

I feel I did as my goal was the portion that was dependent on ME!

The results depended on me doing what I needed to do, but also were directly affected by the weather.

Your own goals must be about what YOU are Doing.
The actions you are taking. The plans you are putting in place.
The WORK you are doing.

And yes, you need to adjust along the way, depending on outside conditions, timing and other factors that may affect your success.
That is why we have milestones in place to see how things are going on the progress to our goal.

But primarily the Goal is about doing what you need to do.
Remember that as you set goals for 2020.

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Choosing a Domain Name for your New Business

You have decided it’s time to start that new business.

That amazing business concept you have been thinking over is definitely going to be a success.

And now you need a domain name.

Well go over to www.zeddomains.com and grab your domain.

But wait!!!

What should you use a domain name?

Well if you have picked out a great business name, then simply use that. And use the ‘.com’ extension – as it is the most common – and usually the cheapest or close to it.

And don’t add in any spaces or any other punctuation (like hyphens).

But what is you don’t have a business name or it is taken. Or you want to get something different than your business name.

That can work too, same rules apply.

Oh, and another tip is don’t go searching for a new domain until you are ready to buy as bots often track recently searched domains and someone may snap up your perfect domain name.

Happy Domain Shopping – head over to www.zeddomains.com right now.

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Time Management for the Busy Entrepreneur – Part 1

Time, it keeps ticking away.

We all wished we had more of it.

So let’s make use of the time that we do have.

Managing time effectively is about looking at what we are doing now ineffectively, and then putting in a system to overcome those issues and make better use of your productive time.

Being disorganized is a key reason you may not be managing time effectively.

Disorganization can take on many forms, from not having goals like we discussed, to not knowing what needs to be done, or even not realizing you need help in your business.

Disorganization can also be habitual, so it is important to look at your own personal reasons you are disorganized and address them.

Becoming more organized, and employing systems is a central way to making the best use of the time you have.

Wasting time, we all do it.

There are many time wasters. Things like social media, TV, and video games are popular ones many people struggle with.

But there are also many that are not so obvious. The time you spend waiting for things, your own or others. The time you spend looking for items. The time you spend determining what to do in your business in a non-effective way. The time you spend trying to figure out your next step or task for the day.

Overcoming those time wasters are a key to being much more productive.

Systems, I mentioned that above. Systems are the key to efficiency.

Systems can benefit you in a number of ways.

Systems can help to speed up repetitive tasks and also to improve quality.

Systems can increase your creativity and even give you more freedom.

Systems can become habits. A key advantage in business is that systems can be replicated and systems allow for continuous improvement or all parts of your business.

You as a busy entrepreneur can begin to be a more effective time manager by looking at how you are wasting time and eliminate those things. Also by becoming more organized and effective. And finally, the real key to time management is in implementing the right systems in your business, starting with your time management system.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Time Management for the Busy Entrepreneur.

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Options for a New Email account for your Business

This is geared more to a new business owner, but it also can give an established entrepreneur some options for handling email accounts.

When starting a business it is common to create an email specific for your business. I recommend this for any new business owner.

But this now leads to how to handle that new email account. Most of us if not all have our own personal email account set up on our phone.

Just about all email apps, including Gmail, Outlook and the Samsung email app allow setting up multiple accounts.

The only issue here is that you need to determine which email account is primary. That one will be the one that is used to send out a new email that you compose. To use the non-primary email account, you need to select that when starting your new email.

Unfortunately that can be a hassle, and often some of us (like myself) often forget to choose which account to use to send out the email.

Another option is to simply forward your business email to your personal email, thus not even having to set up the new email on your phone. I don’t recommend this as it lacks business professionalism to send out emails from a personal account.

One other option is to actually use two different email apps. Use one for business and one for personal. It does mean you have to check two different email apps, but it may be the best long term option for you and your business.

Know the various options and decide for yourself what works best for you.

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Let’s Make it EASY

Let’s Make it EASY

What really do I mean by that…. how will that phrase help you?

Easy can be defined as the absence of difficulty.

Easy also is about freedom from worry or problems.

You may have struggled with marketing. Whether it was the technical side (from websites to Facebook pages and more). Or the strategic decisions related to marketing (should I use Radio, do events, an ad in the newspaper, or figure out Facebook or Google Ads).

There are so many options when it comes to marketing for your business.

And how do I know what will work or not.

That is where we can help.

Help you know what you need to know through our coaching and online courses.

Help you get it done through our consulting services and partnerships!!

Let’s Make it Easy for you to build a Sustainable Lifestyle Business!

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