Domain Registry of Canada

    There is a company called Domain Registry of Canada that I believe is doing some sneaky marketing!

Domain Registration

Pretty basic – you need a domain name for your website, so you go to a site like zeddomains, godaddy, namespro, etc – and purchase a domain.  You can buy it for a year, 2 years, or longer.  Basic .com domains cost you about $10, .ca can cost about $14 or so, very few domains extensions cost more than $20/year.

When your domain is getting close to renewing, the company that sold you the domain will send you an email that your domain is close to expiring and ask if you want to renew it.  Actually most companies let you auto-renew if you trust them with your payment information. But they will still send you a notice either way via email.

Domain Registry of Canada

All in all, a pretty basic process, not much can go wrong.

There are a few companies out there that OVERCHARGE for domain registration.  Some add extra services to make you think their price is justified –  other just overcharge because they can.

Domain Registry of Canada is one of those companies that overcharge – their price for a 1 year domain registration is $40 (4 times what it should be).

Any business has the rigDomain Name Expiration Noticeht to charge what it wants – so I am not picking on them for that.

What I do not like is the way they market their services.

Domain information is fairly public – it is an option when you register to keep your registration info (your name and address) private.  But most companies that want their business to be found have no problem in letting people know they own the domain, in fact it shows legitimacy of the website that it is owned by an actual business or person doing business.

So what Domain Registry of Canada does is search the records (contained in what is called the whois database – at for domains that are coming due for renewal.  Then they send a very official ‘Domain Name Expiration Notice’ in a brown envelope to make it look official.

Inside that envelope is a form for you to fill out to renew your domain at the high price of $40 per year.  This will transfer your domain over to them from now on, rather than the registrar that you originally purchased your domain.

So beware – this is a marketing ploy – you do not have to transfer your domain over to Domain Registry of Canada for their higher prices.  You can stay with your original registrar and renew your domain online.

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Onward and Upward!

Simply Go Try This!

I have been looking, over the past 6 months, for a good – no scratch that – a great tracking program. One of the key things I have picked up on in learning about Internet Marketing is that testing and tracking is very very important. It can make the average marketer great.

So I wanted to know what was happening on all my sites. Who was visiting, how they go there, what links brought them there, what they did when they got there. All this information.

Well I quickly learned that there are really 2 sides to the tracking issue. The first can be described as Website Analytics. This is looking at your website, and watching who visits. Through log files, or code placed on your site, you can know alot about your visitor including the IP address, their location, which site they came from, etc. You can see what they clicked on, and what page they left your site from.

The other side of tracking is link tracking. This is knowing what is happening with all your links that are out there on the World Wide Web. This also includes email links. This is very important, as usually links represent you marketing efforts – things that you spent time and money on. So very important to know these results.

I never did find a program that could do both sides of the tracking. If you know of one, then I would appreciate you letting me know.

But I have found a few programs that will handle my tracking for me.

For Website Analytics, the best that I have found is Googles Analytics. This is offered free by Google, but comes with the limitation of only 5 projects (projects in my view equals websites). The second best – and it has some features better than Google Analytics – is StatCounter.

Statcounter is a free program that will track your visitors to you website very easily. The best thing is that you can set up as many projects as you like. And see the sumarized results all on one page – great for quickly checking what is happening on your sites.

For link tracking, it was a tougher search. There are programs that you pay monthly for, that offer a great service. There is also programs that you buy, and install on your server.

The best I had found was AdTrackZ. I did say ‘had’.

Now I found – or rather it found me – since the creator John Reel did a huge launch – was GoTryThis.

GoTryThis is marketed as an affiliate tool for cloaking links. It does that, but what it also is a supercharged link tracker. The stats are phenomenol. Everything is in real time. Easy as pie to set up. Super to use again and again for all your links. I love it.

I have put the following ad in a few forums, but I have promoted this program even without my affiliate link on many many occasions. Sometimes a piece of software comes around that you simply need to have. GoTryThis is one of those! It not only sets up and controls your redirected links (a must for any serious marketer), but as I said above – it also track those links (an absolute must!).

Here is the ad:

Change this ugly affiliate link –>

into this:

and Track you results in real time!

Control all your affiliate links!
Shorten all your affiliate links!
Track all you links! – articles, affiliates, referrals, signatures – anything.
Protect your links!

or maybe some of you like RED and some like BLUE



And I can know how many like each color – all go to the same link and I did these changes on the go – nothing to set up, but both RED and BLUE will be tracked independantly.

EASY set up!

Easy to Manage!

No code on your server to FTP

No Monthly Fees!

Simple to set up on your server – then you own it – control it – run it!

Go Try This NOW!

So if you have any questions or concerns – let me know. This program is a bargain at $47. Many programs that track your links charge that monthly and do not do as good of job.

Pick this up now and start using it. It will save you time, and make you more money!