Business Community vs. Business Relationships

I have always stressed that business is about relationships.

‘It’s not what you know but who you know’
‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’

A big part of my marketing strategies I develop for my clients are about building relationships with prospects and clients.

I have always felt this is key to long term business success.

Now a new buzzword or concept is emerging. It has been around for a while, but has grown tremendously over the last five to ten years with the rise in social media.

Business community – building your own community for your business.

At first I disregarded this as simply an extension of building business relationships.

Does not every good business, or effective sales person grow their network. And is a network simply not a business community.


There is a key difference between building relationships and creating a business community.

When you grow your business network by building relationships, that is a one to one relationship done many times.

The business community is about a many to many relations done on a one to one basis.

It is about getting your clients and prospects to interact with each other, and allowing them to grow the community as well.

It is also about defining the community, but then releasing the community to become what the people want.

The business community you build can be a great source of business relationships, but you may not in fact do business with all the members of the community.

The community, when built correctly, can have a life and even a purpose of its own.

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LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn is the main business social network.linkedin

Having an up to date and complete profile is key to getting results when using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is great for job search, business prospect research, or simply networking with colleagues.

Here is a downloadable pdf that has a number of tips to improve your LinkedIn Profile.

Also check out my profile and give my any suggestions.

You can also feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn – if you need to enter my email – it is succeed (at)



Social Media Basics


  • Create a Facebook Business Page
  • Create a compelling header (851px x 315px) image
    • Branding across all social media profiles should be consistent
  • Fill in the About area in your page details and include your website with http://
  • Use a photo – real person – instead of a logo for the profile Picture if possible
  • Create / Use an app for email capture
  • Run contests to create engagement and to capture user information
  • Have all contact information and formats in the About section


  • Create a LinkedIn Account
  • Use a personal professional photo in your profile
    • Using a logo is against the LinkedIn TOS
  • Keywords are vital in LinkedIn – use them throughout your profile
    • Key spots for keywords are in the title, job titles and LinkedIn summary.
  • Put your email address in your main summary to allow others to connect with you
  • Fill out your profile as completely as possible
  • Join relevant groups
    • Join some groups related to your own industry
    • Join groups related to your target market’s industry
    • Be active in the groups
  • Consider starting your own group


  • Set up a Twitter Account
  • Use a descriptive twitter username that relates to your business or use your actual name
  • Use a good photograph of yourself – close up with your face – smile
  • Create a custom background that is congruent with your overall branding of your business
  • Use relevant keywords in your description
  • Make your description interesting and informative
  • Develop a hashtag strategy.
    • Pick common hashtags related to your products / services – use them regularly where appropriate
    • Consider creating / using your own hashtags when appropriate – consistent – 2-5 is all.
  • Use Lists to keep track of other Twitter profiles you follow

Google Plus

  • Create a Google Account
    • If you have gmail or you use any other Google Services then you already have a Google Account
  • Once logged in to your Google Account – choose the Google Plus from the top right corner
  • Set up your Google Plus Profile
  • Create a custom Google Plus cover image (2120 x 1192 pixels)
    • Branding across all social media profiles should be consistent
  • Verify your business with Google
  • Add local business information (map info)
  • List your website on your Google Plus page

Social Media Tips

  • Link all your social media profiles to each other and to your website
  • Put your website URL on all social media profiles where ever appropriate
  • Put in action items to drive users to your website
  • Collect email addresses and other contact information
    • On your website
    • On social media where appropriate
  • Include some form of blogging in your digital marketing
  • Create and use an editorial calendar