Love / Hate relationship with Technology

It started back in high school I believe – the first time I was creating some program in Computer Science 10 class.  Using good old Basic programming language.  Some bug in the code was driving me absolutely nuts – and I HATED it.  Then finally I managed to solve it – and I LOVED it.

It happened again and again in my graduating year of high school when my best friend Aqeel and I were putting together a project for the Canada Wide Science Fair – a computer learning project. Many nights I was locked in this Love/Hate euphoria.

It was almost enough for me to decided to go into Computer programming – but not quite.  I liked other things a bit too much at the time.

Today it happened again – this time when dealing with a clients Email problem on my VPS server. Round and round I went testing, tweaking, tracing – then finally – it Worked!!

At 2 PM today I was absolutely hating everything to do with computers, the internet and in particular – email.

And at 4 pm I was Loving Life!!!

Money on the Internet

One of the things I have not done enough of, or maybe not set up a consistent system is using affiliate links.

What are affiliate links?

There are a great number of businesses that operate on the internet.  One of the ways that they get their business is to pay people what is called an affiliate commission.  It is not very much different than when a sales person sells a car, a vacuum cleaner, a magazine subscription – part of that purchase price goes to the sales persons.  Businesses on the internet do the same.

Various businesses that have affiliate programs are Ebay, Amazon, SportCheck, AVG, Dell and many more.

And it is not hard to become an affiliate for these businesses, often it is only a matter of filling out a simple form.

There are also websites that allow you to register and become affiliates of a great many businesses – Commission Junction is one of these.

It all sounds easy – but the hard part is getting people to buy things from your links.  It does not happen very easily.

Writing more and better

One of the things I need to do is write more and write better.  I acknowledge that the key to writing better is to practice.

Yes we need to learn what makes writing better, but simply by putting more words to paper, we will get better.

I have done a little research to how I can write more effectively, and also write more consistently.

First from Jeff Goins site here are seven tips for more effective writing:

  1. Practice
  2. Challenge Yourself
  3. Be Yourself
  4. Don’t write like an Idiot
  5. Start Small
  6. Don’t give up
  7. Learn to pitch your pieces.

I think for me the ones I need to focus on are practicing, challenging myself with specific topics, and being myself.  The latter – leads into another article about finding your writing voice that I recently read.

Joy Tanksley writes that to find your voice you need to write what you know (or I believe do great research), then write like you talk, get into a flow of writing, and to start off with, forget conventions – just get the words down on paper.

My research on writing lead me to a great article about how to write daily.  Julie Isaac lists these five steps:

  1. Make a commitment
  2. Make a list of the top 10 reasons why you want to write daily.
  3. Make writing top priority
  4. Write first
  5. Break your daily goal into smaller goals.

I believe I need to make that list of to 10 reasons and post it on my bulletin board.  Then I need to make writing a priority – as it now is not at the top of what I do.

Onward and Upward,

Linked Alberta

Many people are using social media in various ways.  Kim Kerr is finding a way to not only benefit her personal image and brand online, but also to help others.  Kim realizes that although the internet allows us to interact with people all over the world – we still have our closes relationships with the people that are geographically close to us.  And at time we need help to build these relationships.  To that end Kim has created Linked Alberta.

Linked Alberta is a group on LinkedIn.  But really Linked Alberta is more than that.  It does have a website, but again that is not its true essence.  Linked Alberta is a concept – that the citizens of Alberta business community should work together to grow and succeed.  And to that end Kim has used various social media to allow connections to take place.

Whether this will be primarily on LinkedIn, or whether it will grow in other directions is not the major factor – whether new and sustainable connections will develop and the idea of Linked Alberta will take hold is the key.

Seven Ways to more Profits

Great article over on MOMeo written by Gina Bell.

It discusses seven profitable ways to get more profits.

Here is a snapshot countdown in my FAVORITE order:

7 — Capitalize on your Unique and .. .
6 — You have a BRAIN – use it.
5 — Be like a 6 year old – Ask Ask Ask!
4 — Hide and Seek is only for kids – not business!
3 — Find a partner – a partner that works with you.
2 — Create – Duplicate – Share again and again.
1 — The BIG ONE!!

Go check it out now.