April 2010

Employability Skills

When we discuss changes to curriculum at Olds College one thing that we are always trying to stress is employability skills.  We talk about good writing skills, the ability to put your thoughts together in an organized format onto paper in some type of report or other structure.  We also are concerned with people skills, understanding our own thoughts and emotions and also relating well with others (almost makes you think about kindergarten – not a diploma college program).  Communicating your ideas is another essential skill today’s students need to have.  Leadership is talked about – but not taught or worked on enough in […]

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Crappy Marketing . .er. . . Mainly Advertising

Why is the world full of so much crappy marketing.  Can marketing people not stick to the basics – do what work – what they learned in school or wherever they learned what marketing is about. Target Market >> Know your marketing environment >> Market Positioning >> Key Message >> Pick Media (marketing element) >> Create the Ad – AIDA >> Monitor, Test, Track!! Pretty Simple! AIDA – Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.  Leave out one step and you might as well throw your money away.  Or maybe at least give it to charity – at least then it will do some

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