October 2011

Writing more and better

One of the things I need to do is write more and write better. The main key to writing better is to practice. You can improve your writing by simply writing more words and analyzing what you wrote. I have done a little research to how I can write more effectively, and also write more consistently. First from Jeff Goins site here are seven tips for more effective writing: Practice Challenge Yourself Be Yourself Don’t write like an Idiot Start Small Don’t give up Learn to pitch your pieces. I think for me the ones I need to focus on are practicing, challenging myself […]

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A Nimble Social CRM option

Tried out Nimble – one of the new Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) cloud based options available. To really call Nimble a CRM option for you business is stretching it.  Unless ALL of your business communications are done via social media – it really is not an effective CRM tool.  It has limited options for personalization of profiles, does not track the sales process in any way, and no way to track non-internet based communication (meetings, phone calls, etc). So what doe Nimble do? It puts all your online communication together under one program.  It links contacts across multiple platforms such as Google Mail,

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