November 2011

Guaranteed E-Marketing Results

Dear Client, I know you want me to fix something. You want more profit, more sales, more results from your website, more customers in your store. You heard that E-marketing, the internet is the way of the future. And it is ALL FREE. Just create a website and the customers will come. Just get on Google’s first page and your business will have too many customers. Just create an email list and create product demand like turning on a tap. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but it just ain’t that easy. First and foremost – it is not like flicking a switch. Using […]

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Goals for your Website

Before you create your website there is one thing that will make the difference between success and struggle… …setting the right goals. What are your website goals? What do you want your website to accomplish? Here are some potential goals to consider: Keep clients and prospects up to date Share news about your industry Sell a product/products Sell a service Journal your thoughts, ideas or knowledge about a topic. Discuss a topic you’re passionate about Entertain Promote the products of others (affiliate marketing) Provide a community for shared interests Consider also where you see your website a year, five years and ten years from

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Domain Registry of Canada

Warning!!! There is a company called Domain Registry of Canada that I believe is doing some sneaky marketing! Domain Registration Pretty basic – you need a domain name for your website, so you go to a site like zeddomains, godaddy, namespro, etc – and purchase a domain.  You can buy it for a year, 2 years, or longer.  Basic .com domains cost you about $10, .ca can cost about $14 or so, very few domains extensions cost more than $20/year. When your domain is getting close to renewing, the company that sold you the domain will send you an email that your domain is

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