January 2012

Facebook as a marketing tool

You hear it all over the web, at networking events, even in the local coffee shop.  Facebook is being called the new frontier for marketing.  Get on Facebook – it is where your customers are.  And best of all – its FREE! Facebook can be a useful marketing tool, I am not denying that.  But it is becoming harder for businesses to use this tool, and even harder for people to promote and find new customers using their personal profiles. Facebook controls what everyone sees on the ‘Wall’ – that area where the updates come from all your friends and business pages you have […]

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Facebook EdgeRank determines what is on the Wall

Facebook shows updates and other activities from your friends (personal accounts) or your fans (business pages) on the Wall.  These various items can include new fans or friends.  It can include posting of a new update, picture or video, or sharing a link.  It also includes the commenting activity of friends and fans. For most users it is not realistic that all activity of either friends or fans be displayed on the Facebook Wall. Therefore, Facebook has designed a process to show each user the optimum updates on their unique wall.  The process that regulates what you see on the wall is called EdgeRank. 

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WordPress Multisite Help – WPMU DEV

WPMU DEV – The WordPress Experts. Having to do more and more with WordPress with clients, increasingly using more complex plugins and incorporating multi-site into our WordPress development here at ZedBiz, I found myself searching online for a variety of solutions.  The site that seem to come up time and time again with expert advice was WPMU.org. As I delved deeper into what this site had to offer I saw that they had a number of free tools, but they also had a premium membership that offered over 300 excellent plugins and themes.  As well this premium WordPress membership also had excellent support area

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Sales Cycles

I have been working with many organizations on their sales cycle lately.  By optimizing the sales cycle, a business can drastically improve overall revenue.  By shortening the sales cycle a firm can improve products faster, respond quicker to clients needs and improve overall client satisfaction. First, we should really clarify what we mean by the sales cycle.  I classify the sales cycle as the portion of the sales process that starts with a qualified lead and ends with a closed sale.  Now the reason the sales cycle uses the term cycle (and one key to improving overall sales and revenue) are in the realization

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