August 2012

Transfer or Migrate your personal Facebook account to a Facebook Business Page

Many of my clients are using, or have used their personal Facebook account as a means of promoting their business. In essence, this is not a bad strategy, especially if you are a solopreneur, or the owner of the business.  It allows you to connect on a personal level with possible customers. But at the same time, to proactively market your business using your personal Facebook account is not only against Facebook’s terms of service, but it also flies in the face of conventional social media etiquette. If you have been using your Facebook personal account for business, and now want to switch to using […]

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Online Video Creation

Video is quickly becoming the media of choice on the internet.  Youtube continues to grow. Many sites are adding video directly to their pages.  The major media sites are littered with video  (almost too much for my preference – but I may be old school). If you want to dabble in video there are many ways to do it.  I found a few sites that can help you out. First a helping hand from an excellent resource site – Free Technology for Teachers – that gives a guide to creating online videos >> http://www.freetech4teachers.com/p/video-creation-resources.html#.UDpcWaNhGIA Another site that promises ‘the easiest way to create video’ is

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The Elusive One Page Marketing Plan

If you can create a one page business plan, like Jim Horan describes in his 2004 book of the same name – it should be a snap to create a one page marketing plan – Right? Well many have tried, and few have really succeeded. Yes you can create an outline of a marketing plan on a single page, but really – is an outline really enough.  Think of a chalk outline of a dead body from your latest weeknight cop show – does that tell you everything about the guy who was murdered? Does it tell you even what he looks like, his

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BAM Marketing

I just got off the phone with a fellow marketer – an amazing young lady who – while still in University – is running her own successful marketing/modeling agency. BAM Marketing Solutions is run by Brittany Michalchuk – a fourth year finance major at the University of Calgary. BAM Marketing Solutions offers professional models for various promotional opportunities such as trade shows, photo shoots, events or even online video for YouTube or your website. Brittany is a very well spoken young lady who is wise beyond her years. She is always looking for new ideas, different ways to promote her company, or for her

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Connecting with your Customer

Way to many businesses don’t properly connect with their customers.  Even the businesses that deal face to face – often don’t do a great job. Sometimes it is a problem with staff training.  Sometimes it is simply not enough time. Or inefficient systems can also hinder good connections with your customer. Well Sandra Forest outlines eight solid strategies to increase connections with your customer. She explains these strategies in relation to a new 15 second video platform called Viddy. But I believe these same ideas can be used in different platforms, be it online, or in real life. Here are the list of strategies

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