December 2012

Where is Marketing Going?

What is the future of marketing? I hear from both my boys – they do NOT like traditional marketing. Overt Product claims, Aggressive tactics, silly stunts – these things do not get their attention – or if they do – it turns them off. Yet they both are affected by trends, by branding, by what is current. So what is getting through – and how is it getting through. Bret Smith has an interesting take on the future of marketing; “The future of marketing, is NOT marketing. That is, traditional “marketing”, roughly defined as “creating demand and getting people to buy your stuff”, is […]

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Content Marketing is the heart of online success

The internet was created as a form of communication. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the content on the internet is the most important thing about the internet. If people want to know it – they will read it, view it, watch it and ultimately share it. So if you want to use the internet as part of your overall marketing strategy – you better create great content.  

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