November 2014

Marketing Sucks

“It’s talking people into buying shit they don’t really need. That’s marketing!” People think that marketing is all about getting people to do what they do not want to do. It does seem that way. Why else is Coke one of the most well known brands in the world? Who would ever think Coca Cola is something that people should have? Thus if marketing is what drove the soft drink Coca Cola, and the brand Coke, to so many people – then marketing must be a bad thing! Marketing must be about getting people to buy ‘shit’ they do not really need. But is it? Is physics bad since it caused us to create dynamite, TNT, flight and the atomic bomb? Would we say, “It’s about blowing things up and killing people. That’s Physics!” No of course not! If our child said he wanted to be a physicist, we would commend them, think how smart they …

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Three Reasons you should have a Marketing Plan

Too often you are too busy doing what you do that you do not get time to do what really needs doing. As Marissa Mayer the CEO of Yahoo states, “The urgent can drown out the important.” Marketing is a part of every business, and most business owners do some form of marketing instinctively.  Unfortunately, like almost everything we do, to truly excel, one must go beyond the normal, break out from the average – and become exceptional. Exceptional marketing can have a phenomenal impact on your business sales and overall revenue.  Awesome marketing can also make any business more fun.  Marketing is about meeting the needs the client, and communicating that to the client.  And with happy clients comes a enjoyable business. “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” Tom Fishburne A marketing plan is simply a document that describes how you meet the client needs, and how you will communicate that process to …

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Creating and implementing Marketing Tactics

A marketing strategy guides the marketing tactics. Marketing Tactics are the steps you take from a marketing idea through planning, design and implementation and finally to results. Your Marketing Strategy Objectives and goals are critical to implementing a successful marketing tactic. You need to determine results you can measure. You can start creating a marketing tactic using any of the wide variety of marketing elements out there, from your website to social media or events or advertising. You can build simple marketing tactic that only involve a single customer interaction. Or you can create complex marketing tactics with many customer interactions. The steps needed in a market tactic are the following Define Objective. Initial research and brainstorming. Set SMART goals. Pick your marketing element(s), and item(s) to use. Determine resources needed and perform any additional research. Testing. Full implementation of the marketing tactic. Monitor and track everything in motion. Analyse results – compare against goals …

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