January 2020

One of those Techy Days again

It was one of those Techy Days again…. Not in a good way. I have been cleaning up some of the back-end stuff in my business, and one of those things was consolidating some websites on the same hosting server to make it easier to manage and better service. So I moved a domain that I use primarily for emails. I have a few of the emails set up up to be also used in my Gmail application. And that is where things went sideways. It started yesterday when I knew the old settings in Gmail would no longer work, since I moved the […]

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Goals…… They have come to be almost wishes… And so connected to the end result. Results we cannot always control. But actions, to some extent, we can control. I have been thinking about goals lately, and relating them back to farming. And this year is a particularly good one to discuss (As we will see down further). As a farmer our goals were pretty simple on a year by year basis. Get the crop in the ground in spring. Take care of it (aka Spraying mainly) during the summer. And harvest the crop in fall. Simple yes, but within those goals was a lot

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