Choosing a Domain Name for your New Business

You have decided it’s time to start that new business.

That amazing business concept you have been thinking over is definitely going to be a success.

And now you need a domain name.

Well go over to www.zeddomains.com and grab your domain.

But wait!!!

What should you use a domain name?

Well if you have picked out a great business name, then simply use that. And use the ‘.com’ extension – as it is the most common – and usually the cheapest or close to it.

And don’t add in any spaces or any other punctuation (like hyphens).

But what is you don’t have a business name or it is taken. Or you want to get something different than your business name.

That can work too, same rules apply.

Oh, and another tip is don’t go searching for a new domain until you are ready to buy as bots often track recently searched domains and someone may snap up your perfect domain name.

Happy Domain Shopping – head over to www.zeddomains.com right now.

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