Organizational Behavior and Management

Organizational behavior’s most central issue is about people – dealing with people – improving their job satisfaction and their performance in their job so that the organization itself can improve.

Key to the whole process is management.  Managers support the work of others.  Managers are responsible to help people get things done – for the good of the organization – in a high-quality and personally satisfying manner.

Managers must work with their team.  They must be the team leader – they help to coordinate the operation.  They help coach people to improve their job performance.

The management process involves four functions – these being Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.

Planning involves setting goals and objectives.  Then it must set out the actual means or actions needed to achieve those goals.

Organizing is all about structures and systems.  A solid organization must have a structure that works well, and managers must implement systems that will allow the work to be accomplished.  The structures allow the resources (time, money, inputs) to be efficiently controlled by the systems to produce the end result.

Leading – Leadership – is about instilling pride in what people do.  It is about improving moral.  It is about teaching, demonstrating, showing by example.  Leadership is also about creating good interpersonal relationships.

Controlling is making sure that things work well.  It is about monitoring performance, knowing what the standards are.  Controlling is also about taking corrective action when necessary.

Putting together the four functions of management in the proper amounts, using the functions effectively is what managers need to do to be effective.

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