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Domain Registry of Canada

Warning!!! There is a company called Domain Registry of Canada that I believe is doing some sneaky marketing! Domain Registration Pretty basic – you need a domain name for your website, so you go to a site like zeddomains, godaddy, namespro, etc – and purchase a domain.  You can buy it for a year, 2 years, or longer.  Basic .com domains cost you about $10, .ca can cost about $14 or so, very few domains extensions cost more than $20/year. When your domain is getting close to renewing, the company that sold you the domain will send you an email that your domain is […]

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Jack Zenert Top Buys

Jack Zenert Top Buys! TurboMembership John Delavera has created the Ultimate Membership Site! It has 17 modules that give you everything you need to create, build, and succeed online. Rich-Jerks Membership Noah Fleming has put together an excellent resource site! Noah researches and finds products across the internet that help you to run your business. Design Dashboard by Marlon Sanders Marlon Sanders has done it again! He put together the absolute best solution for creating websites. Step by step – click and build to get your site looking better than 90% of the websites out there. Free Google Ads I recently purchased this one

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Simply Go Try This!

I have been looking, over the past 6 months, for a good – no scratch that – a great tracking program. One of the key things I have picked up on in learning about Internet Marketing is that testing and tracking is very very important. It can make the average marketer great. So I wanted to know what was happening on all my sites. Who was visiting, how they go there, what links brought them there, what they did when they got there. All this information. Well I quickly learned that there are really 2 sides to the tracking issue. The first can be

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