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Canada United Small Business Grant

Here is something you may want to apply for. Canada United is looking to help out Small Businesses during Covid-19. They are offering GRANTS of $5000 to eligible small businesses that need help. You can be anywhere in Canada, Incorporated or Sole Proprietor, and have minimum annual sales of between $150,000 up to $3 Million. Not for Profits can also apply. This by no means will solve all your business troubles, but every little bit helps. The money is to be ear-marked for re-opening or for TRANSITION to Online – that is adopt new Digital Technologies to help with sales. $5000 can definitely help […]

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Goals…… They have come to be almost wishes… And so connected to the end result. Results we cannot always control. But actions, to some extent, we can control. I have been thinking about goals lately, and relating them back to farming. And this year is a particularly good one to discuss (As we will see down further). As a farmer our goals were pretty simple on a year by year basis. Get the crop in the ground in spring. Take care of it (aka Spraying mainly) during the summer. And harvest the crop in fall. Simple yes, but within those goals was a lot

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Time Management for the Busy Entrepreneur – Part 1

Time, it keeps ticking away. We all wished we had more of it. So let’s make use of the time that we do have. Managing time effectively is about looking at what we are doing now ineffectively, and then putting in a system to overcome those issues and make better use of your productive time. Being disorganized is a key reason you may not be managing time effectively. Disorganization can take on many forms, from not having goals like we discussed, to not knowing what needs to be done, or even not realizing you need help in your business. Disorganization can also be habitual,

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Let’s Make it EASY

Let’s Make it EASY What really do I mean by that…. how will that phrase help you? Easy can be defined as the absence of difficulty. Easy also is about freedom from worry or problems. You may have struggled with marketing. Whether it was the technical side (from websites to Facebook pages and more). Or the strategic decisions related to marketing (should I use Radio, do events, an ad in the newspaper, or figure out Facebook or Google Ads). There are so many options when it comes to marketing for your business. And how do I know what will work or not. That is

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Love / Hate relationship with Technology

It started back in high school I believe – the first time I was creating some program in Computer Science 10 class.  Using good old Basic programming language.  Some bug in the code was driving me absolutely nuts – and I HATED it.  Then finally I managed to solve it – and I LOVED it. It happened again and again in my graduating year of high school when my best friend Aqeel and I were putting together a project for the Canada Wide Science Fair – a computer learning project. Many nights I was locked in this Love/Hate euphoria. It was almost enough for

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