A Nimble Social CRM option

Tried out Nimble – one of the new Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) cloud based options available.

To really call Nimble a CRM option for you business is stretching it.  Unless ALL of your business communications are done via social media – it really is not an effective CRM tool.  It has limited options for personalization of profiles, does not track the sales process in any way, and no way to track non-internet based communication (meetings, phone calls, etc).

So what doe Nimble do?

It puts all your online communication together under one program.  It links contacts across multiple platforms such as Google Mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  It centralizes this information into one contact profile.  This is nice as most people have limited information on their individual profiles, but once put together you get to see most of the information.  You can then fill out any missing basic info (email, address, phone, etc).

It also does a nice job of separating People from Companies.  This is one thing that is often hard to do in regular social media.

I also found the message functionality nice to use for handling Twitter messages.

Nimble is very nice in that it has live feeds from all the social networks.

Nimble is not a complete CRM solution, but it is a nice addition to my online toolbox, and since it is in the cloud, I can access it from anywhere.  Therefore it is a worthwhile addition to any business for aiding in communicating with their clients and prospects.

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