Email Marketing is Personal

Direct Email Marketing is a great tool.

Who today has not gone to the mail only to find flyers, brochures, and notepads or gone onto their computer to find numerous emails from companies wanting their business? Well these companies are onto one of the best ways to advertise, direct mail marketing.

Two of the best reasons to use direct mail are the ability to pinpoint your target market and the ability to present a complete sales presentation, of any length, to your target market.

In order to have effective email marketing here are a few tips that may be beneficial to you:

  • Remember that the subject line is seen first. Keep this to three or five words. Also, remember that you don’t like being fooled into reading something so neither will your customer.
  • Make it personal. Make it connect with people, use casual yet effective language.
  • Keep it short and simple. People don’t have the time to be reading and scrolling down the page. Total length should be no more that 250 words.
  • Give motivation to act. Have something to entice your customer to purchase now or have special savings if they respond within a certain time.
  • Instruct on how to act. Let your customers know what you want them to do. Do not leave a situation open ended. Make sure that the situation closes – with a deal.
  • Make use of your Website. Make people go to your Website to close the sale. Your customers will want to interact with you. Use your website for this – remember interaction makes relationships.
  • Build a relationship with your customer. Who wants to deal with someone who doesn’t have the time for their needs? Make sure that you listen to your customers needs and then meet them.
  • Follow up. This is the key to success. Anybody can propose something or complete a job. It takes someone special to follow up on that completion, asking if there is anything else they can do and maintaining the relationship. A key phrase to remember is “it’s a small world”.

Good luck with your email marketing! Remember this is your chance to hit your target market, take your time in determining who is going to benefit the most.

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