Set up your Website

If your a small business owner and you have not got around to setting up a website – now is the time.  It has never been easier to get your business online – and the returns are simply amazing.

But . . .

Your website can be a marketing paradise . ..

or a marketing sinkhole!!

So do things right.  Don’t spend time and money that you don’t have too.

I fully recommend using WordPress to set up your website.  I just finished teaching a class on how to do it and in a couple hours they had up a professional and good looking website.  Something they could manage their own content, and communicate to their customers with.

First Step – go to www.zeddomains.com and register your domain.

Second Step – go to www.zedwebhosting.com and order your hosting account.

Third Step – install WordPress, adjust your settings, choose a theme, and start adding content. (if you need advice, I will be putting on a webinar on how to do this.)

Onward and Upward >> Jack

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