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Every business wants more traffic to their website.

Especially qualified website traffic, as in traffic that will eventually mean more business.

So how can one get more traffic, thus make better use of your website.

We hear so much these days about social media… Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Is there value in these? And will they bring you more traffic to your website?

There is a point to using these social media sites, but…..

I would not fully rely on them for traffic.  You still need a website, a good informative website that is your main hub online.

As I have always said, your website is your centre for all your marketing, online and offline.

I am getting away from my theme – Website Traffic.

So yes, social media can bring you traffic.

But even more important is having a well planned website that functions at a high level and provides your visitors (aka clients and customers) what they need.

Often that is the simple things, like your location, your products and service, and how to get in contact with you.  These are vital and need to be easily accessed on your website.

What else matters….to get more website traffic?

Search?  Google??

You bet… Search Engine Optimization is a huge factor for ongoing website traffic.

SEO is a long term sustainable tool to bring the right traffic, high quality traffic to your website, and thus increase your business.

You need to be aware of many factors when dealing with SEO.

Of course, having good quality CONTENT is the main thing.

But you also have to have your website set up properly, use the right on-site tactics, have a fast loading website, have few if no errors in your site (including bad links, bad code, etc.) and have links to your website.

But, in the long run, Search Engine Optimization is definitely one of the best strategies to a high performing website and marketing tool.

It will bring you consistent Website Traffic!

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