About Jack

About Jack . hmmmmm … . about me . .What should I say?

Well, should I talk about where I was born – Saskatoon – and how I lived there for the first 4 years of my life.  No – I will leave that out.

Then, I have to talk about growing up on the farm. About picking bales (the square ones, not the round ones – although I picked alot of both), about riding horses, and riding open tractors.  About the cows, the sheep, the fields of wheat and barley, the dirt, the drought, or the rain storms.

So much to write about being on the farm . . .  hhmmmm – how should I start that.

Maybe I should instead start writing about family, mom and dad, my 3 sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, Grandpa and Grandma. – wow . .that could fill up alot of space.

But might be more interesting is writing about my friends, about growing up in small town Saskatchewan, in a small school, with the same classmates for 13 years, about playing hockey in Drake, maybe even about going to University of Saskatchewan taking Agriculture — HOLD on – I better not tell any stories about me going to U of S – might get myself in trouble there.

I know!!  I will start with my own family, my two boys and my lovely wife.  About living in Alberta now, but that we have moved from the farm, to Calgary, then back to Saskatchewan, and now we are again back in Alberta.  Yes, that is what I should talk about.

But maybe people would be more interested in what I have done, and what I can do. Like all about my business experiences, and about financial planning, the courses I took to become a master at investment planning, and about all the clients I have helped.  How about all the marketing and internet stuff I have been doing, making websites, learning to sell online, learning to build traffic to websites.

Wow, there sure is alot to write about. . . . I better get at it.  I wonder if it will all fit here.  I better get ready to write this all down, clear my head, focus . . . begin . .. hmm . . maybe I should get a cup of coffee before I start to type.

Yes, that is what I need, a good cup of coffee, steaming hot, rich and black, to awaken my senses and make me write so much better.

I’ll be write back!

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