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I just got off the phone with a fellow marketer – an amazing young lady who – while still in University – is running her own successful marketing/modeling agency. BAM Marketing Solutions is run by Brittany Michalchuk – a fourth year finance major at the University of Calgary.

BAM Marketing Solutions offers professional models for various promotional opportunities such as trade shows, photo shoots, events or even online video for YouTube or your website.

Brittany is a very well spoken young lady who is wise beyond her years. She is always looking for new ideas, different ways to promote her company, or for her to give more value to her clients.  She is also interested in various ways that she can work with others in the marketing industry – whether it be joint ventures or an exchange of services.  This openness to new ideas and willingness to go beyond the norm is refreshing and welcome to see in an industry that often times gets stuck in media buying and print advertising.

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