Best Marketing Investment

What is the best $150 you will EVER spend in your Business???

Bell buys out Telus!!!

A headline in the newspaper – does it affect you? Will it cost your business any money? Well possibly your phone charges could change. But probably not very much if at all – since all phone prices are very competitive.

But how about in your marketing and advertising budget? Why there!! What would possibly make that cost money. Well if you don’t have your own website and are not using your own domain in your email addresses – then you have BIG dollars to spend to upgrade all your marketing and advertising materials. Think of changing that widgetco@telus.net on all your business cards, flyers, etc to widgetco@bell.ca. If you don’t change – think of all the lost business and contacts you will have! Clients and prospects sending email to you, and it not getting through!

So whether you get your internet from Shaw, Telus, Bell, Sympatico, AOL or who ever, you are at risk of losing touch with your customers if you do not have your own website and email!

So what is the solution – Get your domain now! This does not cost as much as you think. You can lock in your own domain right now, and get a WEB2Go for as little as $150! A lot cheaper than replacing all your marketing materials. And if you have your own website already, make sure you know are using your domain name in your emails. If not, check with your domain host and ask them why not and why they did not tell you to do this. If you have any problems, let us know and we will help you out.

Then change over all your marketing materials as they run out to JoeBiz@widgetco.ca. In the meantime, you can set up your email so that both email addresses go to the same mail box. Result – no lost emails, and you control your destiny and no lost customers (and lost dollars).

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