Consistency and morale

One thing I have found about working from home and working online is that dealing with the ups and downs is an important part of the game.

I have a natural tendency to procrastinate. And I love to tackle new projects, come up with new ideas, help others. So I have a big problem with starting too much, and never finishing things on time (or at all).

One thing I have come to realize is that scheduling is very important. When I first began thinking about working from home, having my own business, I always thought that ‘freedom’ and ‘flexibility’ were the most important things. So I resisted strongly having a set schedule. I could do what I wanted when I wanted. No timelines, no worries, no strict corporate scheduling.

But what I have found is that scheduling and being disciplined is what allows one to have ‘Freedom’ and ‘Flexibility’. Without having a schedule, and having timelines, you are always behind. And if you are like me, you are always hopping from job to job. And then trying to finish up what you started.

The better way is to have a plan. Then put in timelines for accomplishing what you need to accomplish. Then have a schedule to get it done. If new items, new ideas come up, either delay starting them now, or find a place to fit them in your ‘Plan’. This will keep you on track and working towards your goal.

And leave time for creativity. Leave time for FUN! And because you own the schedule, make it adaptable to your lifestyle, and be willing to change it if needed – and the best thing is you don’t need corporate approval to change it.

Just be sure you are not pushing out deadlines for poor reasons!

And be as organized as possible. One of the tools I am using to keep organized is the ZedBiz Business Info Database. I am working on a few refinements to the tool, and then will be launching it as a tool for everyone to use.

All the best,

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