Creating a Business Blog

Creating a Business Blog

“Blog” is the abbreviated term for Web Log. Essentially when you are blogging you are creating a log on the web. Very similar to an online diary or online personal journal. This phenomenon has spread like wildfire across the internet.

Blogs can fall into two fairly general categories.

Personal Blogs: a mixture of keeping personal journal or voicing your opinions in posts.

This is often very focused on the area of interest to the blogger, the topic can be related to some hobby or passion of theirs. Even though this is for personal reasons, these types of blogs can make good money.

Business Blogs: a corporate tool for communicating with customers or employees to share the latest news, knowledge and expertise.

Business blogs are still a very popular way to market your business and build a community.Business Blog

Blogs are an excellent method to share a company’s expertise, build additional website traffic, and connect with potential customers.

As a business owner a blog is a way to be informal with your clients, and connect with them at a different level than your official marketing documents. A way to personalize your marketing.

And in this day of hyper information, personalization and being authentic is important to connect with your audience.

Blog software is very easy to use. Much like a word processing program, you simply type out your thoughts, link to resources, and hit the publish key. Blogging these days is all at the push of a few buttons.

Blog software companies such as, Movable Type, WordPress.org and Typepad all offer easy blogging tools to get started.

My personal preference is having your own domain and website using WordPress.com.

Blogging is a low-cost alternative and easy way to get started to having a web presence.

Is it time that you start creating content by building your Blog?

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