DIY Website??

Can you do your website on your own?

Yes, I do believe that you can do your website on your own.

This could be assigning it to someone on your staff, or doing it yourself if that works for your business.diy-website

In fact, this does has its advantages.

You or your staff members do know your customers best, and should be able to relate to them.

Really a website is simply another way to communicate to clients and prospects.

Remember that when you are putting your site together.

There are a few areas where I would suggest you get help.

First of all, get hosting that works for your type of site.

If you don’t have technical skills, get someone to help set up the back end of the site. I suggest using WordPress, so have someone install WordPress and configure it properly.

This includes installing the right theme, setting the theme settings, and installing and configuring the plugins you will need.

As well, have someone with the right technical skills monitor the back end on a regular basis… perform updates, check for unauthorized use, Spam, etc.

Finally, another area that I would stress, if you are not already working with someone, is get some help with your overall marketing.

To get professional marketing help to narrow down your target market, to really get your key message focused on them, and to work on your strategic marketing plan will pay off greatly.

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