Efficiency and Local Marketing

Does anyone use their mouse with the left hand?

I would think that many left-handed people do, but I know even some of them use the mouse with the right hand, just because that is the way they were taught, and that is where the mouse sits on most desks.  But is this the most efficient way?

What got me thinking was that – as usual – I was multi-tasking on 3-4 websites, as well as drinking coffee and needed to take a few notes (one of the sites was a webinar I was watching).  Well that go me thinking that here I was using my right hand for notes, drinking coffee, and using the mouse.  Well I could easily switch over the coffee to my left (I long ago taught myself to drink with my left – college days – was not coffee).  But the writing was another thing.

So for the sake of efficiency, maybe mousing with the left was the way to go.  Not a problem moving the mouse over –  I do not use a mouse pad since the mouse is a laser one.  And it is cordless so no cord issues.  I will give it a try – I think I will teach myself that so I am more efficient.

Local Marketing

I have been busy with classes at olds college – preparaing tests, assignments and content, etc – so not doing a lot on marketing ZedBiz services lately.  But I do want to continue to build up my local market.  Therefore I need to be marketing locally.  As well I think I need to teach business owners all about local marketing techniques.  Things are changing – new tools, new media, and new ways people interact.  So have to be on top of all that.  I am building for the future as I created a local website – http://www.innisfailonline.com. I will also be speaking at a local video conference next month at the Bell E-Learning centre hear at Olds College and broadcast throughout the various community engagements sites in surrounding communities.

Other Notes

A great read – 7 Habits of Highly Effective Twitterers by Kris Colvin! This one is good since it highlights the relationships.
Obama speech Inaugural – today – did it live up to your expectations? I believe he did well at inspiring the people, yet not appearing too confident.
On Twitter I sust was followed by this lady who is a life coach and was very impressed with her website – great job Shann! (Follow me on Twitter)

Also tried out this new web service where you can create comic strips – check out my new comic at Stripgenerator

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