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Do you have a Facebook Fan Page for you business?  If not – Why Not?

Facebook is where your customers are (for many businesses) so why not get this FREE real estate.  Yes it is not real estate in the traditional sense, but it is valuable online real estate.

It is not hard to grab your page and set it up – here are a few tips once you do:

  • Tell your existing customers about your fan page and start interacting with them.
  • Tell your friends about your page – great source of referrals.
  • Once you have 25 friends – you can lock in your user name which gives you a readily url – www.facebook.com/yourbizname.
  • Set up a customized page – and now with the iframes option you can add anything that can go on a website on to your facebook fan page.
  • Send new visitors to your customized page rather than the wall (and definitely not to the info page).
  • Tell your fan page visitors to ‘like’ your page – build it into the custom page and the picture on the left.
  • Like other complementary business fan pages and interact on their page – social media is about being social – right?
  • Ask questions and be interesting on your fan page wall – try to engage your fans – it is not all about promoting.
  • Link to your website and your blog from your fan page.
  • Tell your fans who is talking – have information about any of the admins in the info page and also in the discussion page.

And remember to have fun – make it fun for your fans – post interesting pictures and videos, use humour, keep current with the latest events.

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