Facebook Group Email Settings

If you are in a Facebook group or have recently been added to a Facebook group then you are probably getting a bunch of new emails coming from that Facebook group.

Facebook has made ‘Send email notifications’ as the default setting for any new groups where you are added. This means that when any new group members join the group, new posts get put on the group wall or people comment on those posts – you get an email for everyone.

One neat feature about this is that if you want to join in the discussion or welcome a new member, you can simply reply to that email and it will be automatically posted in the group.

But if you belong to an active group you may not want to get all those emails. Here is how to change your Facebook Group Email Settings to your individual preference.Facebook Account Settings

First click on the little down triangle in the upper right-hand corner and choose ‘Account Settings’.  You can do this from any place in Facebook. You do not have to be in your group at the time.

Facebook Notifications

On the ‘General Account Settings’ page look in the left hand column for the menu.  In that menu you should see ‘Notifications’ – you can click on that.





From there you will enter the ‘Notifications Settings’ page.  You can scroll down past your recent notifications until you find the section titled ‘All Notifications’.

In this area you should see ‘Groups’ listed and over to the far right side of the page click on ‘Edit’.

Facebook Edit Group Notifications

Now a new section will open that allows you to set some overall group settings related to key group activities.  Adjusting these setting is up to your personal preference, but allowing notifications for these settings will not overload your email inbox unless you belong to a great many groups.

Facebook General Group Settins

After you have set your General Group notification settings you should click on the link to ‘Change email settings for individual groups’.  A pop-up window opens that shows all the groups you belong to.

Facebook group email settings
Here is where you can set whether you get all those emails for every activity that happens in the Facebook groups you belong to.

Simply check the boxes of the Facebook groups that you want to receive all the notifications from.  And un-check the boxes where you DO NOT want to receive any email notifications.

Now click ‘Save’ to your new notifications settings and you are done!

Hope that helps,  .Jack

P.S. One other tip – why not get a free email account from one of the many online services (Hotmail, Gmail, yahoo, etc) and use it for all your social media accounts.  Then it won’t plug up your main email account (and devices like your smart phone) with emails that you don’t need to deal with on a regular basis.


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  1. The challenge is, I m doing this for a client, and Facebook won t even let me create the group until I invite some of my friends! I don t want my friends on my client s Facebook group, especially since my client is a local business and none of my friends live in that local area!

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