Good News from a Tire Company

I was pleasantly surprised today!

I received two cheques in the mail – for $50 each.

I was only half expecting to receive these cheques – and now that I did it is time to honor the business that sent them.

You see I have a car – and that car needs tires every once in a while.  So before X-mas I purchased a set of tires for my car from the local tire dealer – OK Tire in Innisfail.

They had Toyo Tires on for a good price and along with the good price, you could send in the sales information to get a $50 rebate for each 2 tires purchased.

OK Tire staff gave me the forms and even printed off extra copies of the tire receipts so that I could send it in.

Well when I got home – those forms sat around, and sat around, until I got around to thinking about submitting them.

And when I did I noticed that I was a few days past the deadline (I think it was 4 days past the date).

Well I sent them in anyway – hoping for the best, but expecting a ‘Sorry you were too late’ letter.

But today I opened up two envelopes with $50 in each and a nice letter from Toyo Tires.

So HAT’S OFF to Toyo Tire for doing the right thing – even when their customers don’t!!

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