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I was clicking away on the net today, following a trail of links and Google searches that would make Inspector Clouseau envious – I came across an interesting individual. He is someone that I hope to connect with online – a guy who seems to be another serial web developer (meaning he creates and maintains multiple websites and continues to build new ones).

What made this individual even more interesting is that besides the fact we have web development in common – we also have Agriculture as one of our key industries. Martin Cserhati runs AgDigitalMedia.  Sites that he is involved in are the Farmer Showcase, Swine Web and PigCareers.com.

I am not sure of Martin’s role in all the various entities and websites, but hope, thru searching and contacting them to learn more about this online Ag media guru.

UPDATE – August 4, 2012 – I found out that the owner of FarmerShowcase.com, SwineWeb.com and PigCareers.com is Jim Eadie.  He is doing a great job using internet technology to help out agriculture producers and in the business model – create a new business model – well done Jim!


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