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I am busy these days.  I just finished up teaching a full slate of classes in April.  All the papers and exams to mark – it was a busy month.

Then in May – I was out farming in Saskatchewan.  Once you have dirt in your blood – you just can’t stop.  And grain prices are getting better – so it is actually starting to be profitable to farm again – as long as you watch your expenses.

Then picked up a contract to develop and put online 4 new marketing courses – so busy with that.  Some of them are for high school students to get a taste of busines and marketing while still choosing what they want to do.  So they will be challenging to keep those kids interested in the content.

And on top of all that I went back to school – taking my MBA.  The first course is on Organizational Behaviour – and I am really loving it.  Learning lots about how organizations really work – the theory and ideas behind why managers and leaders and entrepreneurs do what they do.  It is great.  But really time consuming.

So what has slipped in the last few months – well it has been the marketing of my online endeavors.  I need to keep active building my online brand and getting new business online.

So been doing some catch-up marketing in the evenings.  Found a great new tool to help with SEO on my blog – Jeff Johnson puts it out and it is superb – a Free SEO tool – grab it and use it now.

Have also been doing some work conforming my CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System.  I use vTiger – an open source program that is put on my online server.  I really like how it works – user friendly and great sales tools built in.

Finally have been checking out some video conferencing tools as I have to start doing some more meeting but do not have the time to drive to all the meetings.  Also want to do some web conferences. (by the way – I also started to do a monthly video conference on business topics beamed out to our local business community).

Well that’s what I been up to – how ’bout you?

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