Linked Alberta

Many people are using social media in various ways.  Kim Kerr is finding a way to not only benefit her personal image and brand online, but also to help others.  Kim realizes that although the internet allows us to interact with people all over the world – we still have our closes relationships with the people that are geographically close to us.  And at time we need help to build these relationships.  To that end Kim has created Linked Alberta.

Linked Alberta is a group on LinkedIn.  But really Linked Alberta is more than that.  It does have a website, but again that is not its true essence.  Linked Alberta is a concept – that the citizens of Alberta business community should work together to grow and succeed.  And to that end Kim has used various social media to allow connections to take place.

Whether this will be primarily on LinkedIn, or whether it will grow in other directions is not the major factor – whether new and sustainable connections will develop and the idea of Linked Alberta will take hold is the key.

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