Love / Hate relationship with Technology

It started back in high school I believe – the first time I was creating some program in Computer Science 10 class.  Using good old Basic programming language.  Some bug in the code was driving me absolutely nuts – and I HATED it.  Then finally I managed to solve it – and I LOVED it.

It happened again and again in my graduating year of high school when my best friend Aqeel and I were putting together a project for the Canada Wide Science Fair – a computer learning project. Many nights I was locked in this Love/Hate euphoria.

It was almost enough for me to decided to go into Computer programming – but not quite.  I liked other things a bit too much at the time.

Today it happened again – this time when dealing with a clients Email problem on my VPS server. Round and round I went testing, tweaking, tracing – then finally – it Worked!!

At 2 PM today I was absolutely hating everything to do with computers, the internet and in particular – email.

And at 4 pm I was Loving Life!!!

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