Marketing Sucks

“It’s talking people into buying shit they don’t really need. That’s marketing!”Funny-Black-Friday-Memes-07

People think that marketing is all about getting people to do what they do not want to do.

It does seem that way.

Why else is Coke one of the most well known brands in the world?

Who would ever think Coca Cola is something that people should have?

Thus if marketing is what drove the soft drink Coca Cola, and the brand Coke, to so many people – then marketing must be a bad thing!

Marketing must be about getting people to buy ‘shit’ they do not really need.

But is it?

Is physics bad since it caused us to create dynamite, TNT, flight and the atomic bomb?

Would we say, “It’s about blowing things up and killing people. That’s Physics!”

Funny-Black-Friday-Memes-13No of course not!

If our child said he wanted to be a physicist, we would commend them, think how smart they have to be, and how hard they have to work, and dream about the day they might win a Nobel Prize.

If our child says he wants to be a Marketer, we talk about how commercials are stupid, how big companies make people spend money, and we point to things like the terrible rush into stores on days like today – Black Friday.

Marketing is simply another field of study, like agrology, chemistry, psychology or physics.

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