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I have been working with a few clients on using social media to market their business.  I find that clients want immediate results and with social media it takes time to build up a following.  It is also a different approach. Business owners often want to send out very sales related messages, but you have to use a softer, more engaging style of copywriting to make it work in social media.

This morning I set up a new custom tab on a client’s fan page this morning – check it out – Pearson’s Berry Farm – Facebook.

While I was working on Facebook fan pages and apps I added a new graphic on the ZedBiz – Marketing Solution Specialist Facebook Fan page.

I have heard a number of people commenting and talking about Tumblr – so to keep up with the latest marketing – I decided to check it out.  Still have not got the complete feel of what is so special about Tumblr – but I did get my Tumblr blog area set up – check out http://zedbiz.tumblr.com/.

Next is to do some customizations to my own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.  I have a custom install of vTiger on my hosting server.  The latest versions of vTiger are getting very feature rich, although they still need to integrate with social media better – but I hear that it is coming.  I want to set up more CRM systems for clients so I am working on systematizing the process and giving them the absolute BEST customized CRM system for their needs.

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