More Writing needs to be done

It seems I spend a lot of time at the keyboard…..

Maybe not all of it is actually considered writing.

Lots of forms, lots of lists, lots of emails, lots of various posts and more.

Putting your thoughts together into a cohesive format, whether an article, a blog post, a report, or whatever format suits you. That takes more time, more work, more thought.

I do enjoy it, but finding the time to do it effectively, that is the challenge for me.

Bullet points is my favorite way to write actually.
I make a tremendous amount of notes (I use Evernote – LOVE IT). Many of those notes could, and should be turned into articles or blog posts. Some great ideas and information is there, put together, thought out.

In 2021, one of my goals is to write more, both in my blogs, and other fashions. Maybe even start that book I have been thinking of….

Today I was looking at some different styles of writing. I like Seth Godin… he is concise, short and to the point. (Check out this one > https://seths.blog/2020/12/a-place-to-write/ )

Some other longer format is good too, the Moz blog has some great articles, well thought out, nicely articulated.

My advice to you, whatever level you are at, whatever your position… take time to WRITE.

It will only help you.

It’s a creative outlet, a way to help you organize your thoughts, build brain cells.

Just do it!

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