Social Media Basics


  • Create a Facebook Business Page
  • Create a compelling header (851px x 315px) image
    • Branding across all social media profiles should be consistent
  • Fill in the About area in your page details and include your website with http://
  • Use a photo – real person – instead of a logo for the profile Picture if possible
  • Create / Use an app for email capture
  • Run contests to create engagement and to capture user information
  • Have all contact information and formats in the About section


  • Create a LinkedIn Account
  • Use a personal professional photo in your profile
    • Using a logo is against the LinkedIn TOS
  • Keywords are vital in LinkedIn – use them throughout your profile
    • Key spots for keywords are in the title, job titles and LinkedIn summary.
  • Put your email address in your main summary to allow others to connect with you
  • Fill out your profile as completely as possible
  • Join relevant groups
    • Join some groups related to your own industry
    • Join groups related to your target market’s industry
    • Be active in the groups
  • Consider starting your own group


  • Set up a Twitter Account
  • Use a descriptive twitter username that relates to your business or use your actual name
  • Use a good photograph of yourself – close up with your face – smile
  • Create a custom background that is congruent with your overall branding of your business
  • Use relevant keywords in your description
  • Make your description interesting and informative
  • Develop a hashtag strategy.
    • Pick common hashtags related to your products / services – use them regularly where appropriate
    • Consider creating / using your own hashtags when appropriate – consistent – 2-5 is all.
  • Use Lists to keep track of other Twitter profiles you follow

Google Plus

  • Create a Google Account
    • If you have gmail or you use any other Google Services then you already have a Google Account
  • Once logged in to your Google Account – choose the Google Plus from the top right corner
  • Set up your Google Plus Profile
  • Create a custom Google Plus cover image (2120 x 1192 pixels)
    • Branding across all social media profiles should be consistent
  • Verify your business with Google
  • Add local business information (map info)
  • List your website on your Google Plus page

Social Media Tips

  • Link all your social media profiles to each other and to your website
  • Put your website URL on all social media profiles where ever appropriate
  • Put in action items to drive users to your website
  • Collect email addresses and other contact information
    • On your website
    • On social media where appropriate
  • Include some form of blogging in your digital marketing
  • Create and use an editorial calendar

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